Rig Floorhistory-blend 2

In 1946, Errol Glenn Gault pioneered the first jetted rock bit,
creating an industry paradigm. The patent and Gault Tool, Co.
were passed to the capable hands of Tom Gault in 1960 who
took the family business to greater heights. Recognized for his

excellence in manufacturing, Tom sold the business

to a major drill bit manufacturer in 1981. In 2004,

CapRock began production. The same innovation

is found today in this third-generation offshoot founded by Glenn Gault, Eroll’s grandson. With the added expertise of a team of highly accomplished

industry leaders, CapRock quickly became respected

among drillers in the Permian Basin for delivering a high quality successful product.

CapRock is not your usual company. CapRock has a culture built on a reverence and appreciation for Biblical principles. The leaders are unashamed Christians and make every attempt to allow their beliefs to permeate the corporate culture and shape every decision made by the company. Active membership in C12 and participation in the Oilfield Christian Fellowship provides the leadership with the proper foundation to direct the company forward.