Our Process


Initial machining

The first step in creating our bits consists of sawing and heat treating a steel bar which is then lathed it into the final profile using proper threaded connections.

Next, the blades, wear pads, nozzles and pockets are cut using our state of the art machining tools. This allows us to create intricate shapes to optimize the cutting structure for every application. 


New Bit Welding

In this station we use a plasma torch to apply a proprietary blend of tungsten carbide and binder to the bit head. An oxyacetylene torch is used to get into the tighter places. Graphite slugs are used to protect the pockets during this process. 

After the hard metal overlay is applied the two pieces are welded together. The bit head and tool joint are heat treated immediately afterwards to eliminate any stresses caused by welding. The part is allowed to slow cool overnight. 



Here our expert brazers position the diamonds as the designers intended for ultimate performance.

To do this, our bits are pre-heated with an induction unit using an electromagnetic field as opposed to an open flame. This process is much more even, safer, and cooler to the surrounding shop. 

Once brazed, the parts are placed under an insulated blanket to slow cool to eliminate any post process stresses. 



The final machining operation is grinding the diameter. Here we guarantee the concentricity of the bit as well as its outside diameter.



This is the busiest room in our shop. Dull bits are cleaned, photographed, and graded for future analysis. Cutters are inspected for damage. Finished bits are scrutinized to ensure they meet all criteria before shipping.