Our Philosophy


Our tailor-made philosophy transcends traditional customer-supplier relationships to forge an engineering partnership between CapRock and our customers. This partnership delivers tailor-made product and service solutions for specific applications and drilling targets, enabling superior drilling performance and wellbore quality from top to bottom of the hole.

CapRock’s drill bits, technical support services, and cost management focus create financial value and mitigate risk for both parties. We routinely supply rock strength analysis, bit selection, drilling parameter recommendations, reference bit records and drilling history analysis, hydraulic program design, drilling cost analysis, post-well drilling result analysis, comparison case studies and other technical services on demand to help our customers consistently improve their drilling and achieve superior results.

Clipper Ship Strategy

The building of caprock oil tools

“Build me straight, O worthy Master!
Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel,
That shall laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

The Clipper Ships of the nineteenth century ignited the American imagination. Donald McKay’s bold new boat designs were revolutionary and heroic. These low capacity ships were built to maintain maximum speed in light air and endurance in a gale. East Coast merchants raced to supply the high demand of the West Coast gold rush. If the demand changed, or if the customer changed, the clippers were ready with over 160 feet of canvas.

The Merchant's word

Delighted the Master heard;
For his heart was in his work, and the heart
Giveth grace unto every Art.
– “The Building of the Ship”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This agility is the cornerstone of CapRock Oil Tools. Our foundation and guiding principles defy the traditional business model with its corporate bulk and stand nimble and better able to define our customer’s needs, quickly address their challenges, and have effective product in the field with seasoned support. We listen to our customers and relish the art resident in the challenge of rendering solid solutions. We call this the Clipper Ship Strategy. Our equivalent of acres of canvas sail rigging is found in the talent we employ. Experienced innovators comprise this team. We take full advantage of our abundant sail power.